At present we have around 80 cases of the virus with a small number of these awaiting PCR conformation.

As per our Outbreak management Plan (see below) and in discussion and with the agreement of Public Health Doncaster we will be taking the following steps.

  1. Assemblies and mass gatherings will be suspended and reviewed at half term.
  2. We will be issuing extra home testing kits tomorrow to Y8 and Y10 – these year groups have significantly higher numbers than other year groups at the moment.
  3. From tomorrow (29/9/21), staff and students should wear face coverings in communal areas or where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  4. Face to face meetings will be limited to 15 minutes and attendees must wear face coverings, maintaining social distancing.
  5. Students in Y8 and Y10 should wear them in class.
  6. Extra emphasis on hygiene, use of wipes, hand sanitisers and ventilation in rooms. The latter is really very important.
  7. All these will be reviewed as the situation changes.
  8. School must be informed of all cases, confirmed or awaiting confirmation, using the email  

We will be attending a COVID Outbreak control meeting in the next day or so organised by Public Health Doncaster.

This is to look at further actions  that may need to be taken including PCR testing on site and whether some Year Groups should have home learning for a limited time.

I do hope that this clarifies the current but rapidly changing situation.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

John Rooney


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