Dear Parents/Carers

You will be aware of the high number of Covid cases across Doncaster at present and its impact on all schools. We currently have a high number of staff unavailable due tocovid related absence. This has resulted in many lessons being supervised by non-specialist teachers. In some cases, groups are having to be put together to ensure correct staffing levelsacross the wider school.

Whilst operating like this is possible in the short term, it does impact negatively on pupils’ learning. For this reason, we will be putting in place two ‘Home-learning’ Enrichment and Consolidation Days for year groups 7, 8, 9 & 10 this week.

Pupils in 7, 8, 9 & 10 will have one day working from home this weekas outlined below. During this time, they will be provided with online learning activities for each of their timetabled classes, accessed through Microsoft Teams. Pupils should follow their usual timetabled lessons for the day they are not in school.

Wednesday 1st December: Y10 & Y8 pupils work from home. Return to school for lessons as normal on Thursday 2/12/21.

Thursday 2nd December: Y7 & Y9 pupils work from home. Return to school for lessons as normal on Monday 6/12/21.

Y11,12,13 will remain in school on both days and attend normal lessons.

This decision has not been taken lightly. We would much prefer to have all pupils in school engaging in lessons. However, these Enrichment and Consolidation days offer us a great opportunity to keep pupils engaged in meaningful work set by their class teaches and building on areas of the curriculum studied this term.

Thank you in advance for your support

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