After speaking with Dr Victor Joseph, Public Health Doncaster, he has recommended that with six linked cases in Year 10 over three teaching days and with the potential for more confirmed cases, the Year 10 bubble should be closed.

We already have 66 students who are self-isolating, the remaining Year 10 students should now self-isolate immediately.

However, as advised all Year 10 students should return on the same day, returning to school on Friday 25th June. We would be planning for Year 10 Assessments to recommence from 25th June.

From Wednesday morning (16th June) Year 10 will be taught in line with our established approach to Emergency Remote Learning.

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Doncaster's Director of Public Health, Dr Rupert Suckling has recently written to schools with an update on the local picture and how this impacts on schools. Please have a read of the article below.



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